Why is football so popular?


Football or Soccer is among most popular and favorable sports of the world. Football or Soccer has ranked 1st in top 10 sports of the world. Football is very simple game to be played. There are not many things that you should be needed to play a football match. You just need a ball and some companions or friend for playing. And the goal can be mentioned by any cloth or label. Football is very easy game to play. You just have to put the ball in the goal with the help of your friends, in this way it increases the ability of Mutual Corporation, and you can perform more effectively in a team.

There are many people who are doing arguments about the game that that is the most popular game of the and why it is so. Many people make basketball and American football as the most popular game of world but do not give arguments about the reasons that why these games are most popular. In my view and according to the world top 10 sports ranking I’m saying that football also known as soccer is the most popular game in the world, why it is so? I will give you reasons of that why football is the most popular game in the world.

Followings are the same reasons why football is so popular?

Football is the one of most simple and easy game. It needs only some friends and a ball to play. It has very simple rules to play. Football is very simple to understand, other games are difficult to understand.

Football needs fewer equipment or infrastructure to play. It just needs a ball and will to play. It does not require many instruments or equipment to play as we required in hockey, cricket or American football.

Football is very short time game; it will end in very less time. It will end in only two halves. It does not require the whole day to play as we require in cricket.

You should just need good technique and fitness to play football. You did not require a massive body or tall body as required for playing American football and basketball.

It was thought that the developers of this football are the British and toronto. And British rules about all over the world, so this game are found in around world. Especially European countries introduce this game into their empires and this game become popular.

Another factor that has a very big role in the popularity of the football is the organization of the football world cup. The FIFA organizes this world cup. FFIA is a governing body that takes the football into many big or small countries by organizing football world cup in those countries.

Another thing that is popular in the football game is the celebration of the goal. You can see and enjoy different kind of dancing by players and fans when the goal happens.