The Sport Of Roofing

Roofing, a new sport in professionalism

victoria-bc-roofing-companyWhile it’s no secret they’re building a brand-new roof for your home or business is an incredibly complicated and time intensive task it may come as a surprise that many roofers you their professions as more of a sport then as a trade.

Roofing contractors from across Vancouver Island have been joining this movement taking taking greater and greater pride in the level of service they bring to their craft. What the founder John McAdams had to say about it was this “being a local Vancouver Island roofing company has allowed us to serve a great many customers and a diverse market but we were always seeking new and improved ways to offer a better service in order to provide a higher quality roofing product to our clients as well as allow them to enjoy the process and so it was with this thought that I decided to start treating each new roofing project and my career as a whole as a roofing contractor as more of a sport that is a simple trade.

You see the beauty of approaching being a roofing company and treating it like engaging in the sport is that it allows for very strict adherence to top quality protocols and guidelines when it comes to roofing a building. Roofing a building especially in notoriously wet environments like the west coast of Canada which is where the majority of our Victoria British Columbia roofing companies operate our that safety must take a number one priority to ensure that the high school he services delivered and all of the roofing contractors stay safe.

Victoria Roofing Company


Your home buildings roof is perhaps the single most important element of the entire building and therefore a lot of care and attention must be put into it and this is where the new sport roofing comes in. Rather than competing against other roofing companies McAdams roofers seek only to compete against themselves constantly striving to provide a better and better roofing service to their local Vancouver Island customers.